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  • Preschool - 8th Grade
  • Christ-Centered Community
  • Inspired Instruction
  • Small Class Sizes
  • High Test Scores
  • 15+ Extracurricular Activities
  • Before & After School Care
  • Financial Assistance

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Upcoming Dates

March 17th - NO SCHOOL, Parent-Teacher Conferences

March 18th-24th - 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip

March 27th-31st - NO SCHOOL, Spring Break

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Message from the Principal


We have read of the young artist, wearied and discouraged, who slept by the picture which he had done his best to complete. The master quietly entered the room and bending over the sleeping pupil, placed on the canvas with his own skillful hand the beauty which the worn artist had striven in vain to portray.

And when we, tired and spent, lay down earth’s toil, our own great Master will make perfect our picture for the Father’s many mansioned house. From our service He will remove every stain, every blemish and every failure. To our service He will give the brightest luster and highest honor. Shall we not bring ourselves to worship the One who can make us better?

Author unknown

May you worship Him this Lenten season.