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Upcoming Dates

March 9th - End of Second Trimester

March 10th - NO SCHOOL, Teacher Grading Day

March 11th - PTL Family Movie Night / OPEN HOUSE

March 17th - NO SCHOOL, Parent-Teacher Conferences

March 18th-24th - 8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip

March 27th-31st - NO SCHOOL, Spring Break

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Message from the Principal

Sent To Serve

Christ, during His ministry on earth, gave us a model of how God wants us to live. He lived the perfect and blameless life for us. His lifestyle is our ultimate example.

Jesus took on the role of a servant while on earth. Mark 10:45 says: “For even as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many.” His servant attitude included healing the sick, feeding the hungry, befriending society’s rejects, and even raising the dead back to life. Most of us can recall the story where Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, an act of humble service.

God has sent us as Christians to serve. This means helping our fellow man, whether Christian or not, through difficult times with acts of love and service. If these acts are motivated by personal gain (for money, prestige, or manipulation), they fall out of the realm of servanthood. Jesus did not perform his miracles and acts of mercy for personal gain.

The world’s standards tell us to strive to get ahead. The prevailing value is to reach that point where others must answer to you. The ultimate goal is to be served by those less “successful” than you. As Christians we must march to the beat of a different drum. We must be out of step with the non-Christian world. Tall order? You’re right! But with God’s help we can be His servants on this earth.

Take time to jot down some services you have done for others this past week. Then build on that list this next week. Pray for guidance from above – and remember, God has sent you to serve. 

J. Riedl