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Upcoming Dates

December 4th - Christmas Program, Preschool & Kindergarten @ 4:00 PM

December 8th - Christmas Program, 1st-4th Grade @ 7:00 PM

December 14th - Christmas Program / Advent Service, 5th-8th Grade @ 6:30 PM

December 19th - 31st - NO SCHOOL (Christmas Vacation)

December 26th - 30th - Kids Club Open

January 2nd - NO SCHOOL (New Year's Holiday)

January 3rd - School Resumes

January 16th - NO SCHOOL (MLK Jr. Day)

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Message from the Principal

He Must Increase, I Must Decrease

These words were spoken by John, The Baptizer, when some of his followers questioned him about who Jesus was. John made it very clear to them that Jesus was to be exalted while his own (John’s) mission was to prepare the way for this great man, the Savior of the World. St. John underscores this relationship when he says he is not even worthy to loosen Jesus’ sandals. Yet, John was the one chosen to baptize Jesus. You can read about this in the first three chapters of John in the New Testament.

We are now in the period of Advent in the church year. Just like John prepared the way for Jesus and His brief ministry on this earth, so we use Advent to prepare our hearts for Jesus coming at Christmas. At this time of the year, people often focus on themselves - - what they hope the holidays bring for them, be it gifts, reunions with friends and relatives, parties, or vacation time. Yet, the Christian must remember the true meaning of Christmas: Christ’s coming to save people from their sins. As St. John said, “He must increase, I must decrease.” We focus not on ourselves but on Him. And, ultimately, He elevates us to the highest honor – we are His children and we inherit eternal life by grace through faith. That’s the greatest gift of Christmas. Have a Good Advent!

J. Riedl