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  • Preschool - 8th Grade
  • Christ-Centered Community
  • Inspired Instruction
  • Small Class Sizes
  • High Test Scores
  • 15+ Extracurricular Activities
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  • Financial Assistance

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Upcoming Dates

September 28th - See You at the Pole, 7:00 AM - 7:45 AM

October 5th & 7th  - PTL Jog-a-thon

October 6th & 7th - Picture Day

October 14th - NO SCHOOL (Oregon Professional Development)

October 26th - 28th - NO SCHOOL (Lutheran School Conference)

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Message from the Principal

"Children Learn What They Live"

If a child lives with criticism                If a child lives with praise
He learns to condemn.                          He learns to appreciate.

If a child lives with hostility                 If a child lives with fairness
He learns to fight.                                  He learns justice.

If a child lives with ridicule                  If a child lives with security
He learns to be shy.                                He learns to have faith.

If a child lives with shame                    If a child lives with approval
He learns to feel guilty.                         He learns to like himself.

If a child lives with tolerance               If a child lives with acceptance
He learns to be patient.                         and friendship
                                                                 He learns to find love in the
If a child lives with encouragement       world.  
He learns confidence.

Dorothy Law Nolte

What an awesome and difficult challenge it is for parents to raise their children in a most positive manner by their example and life style.  Thanks to Jesus, our Rock, we don’t do it alone.  Because He helps us, we can succeed in bringing our children up to be the best they can be. 

J. Riedl