About Us

"I am the way and the truth and the life..." John 14:6

Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School enthusiastically provides students with a comprehensive curriculum in a caring, Christ-centered community, preparing them to be compassionate, responsible leaders. Our school seeks to serve with home and church in developing the whole child - body, mind and spirit. This makes us unique! Many schools work hard to develop children's minds but fall woefully short in development of other vitally important areas.

At Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School, we celebrate our children as gifts from God with unique talents, gifts, challenges and dreams. Through academic challenge, spiritual nurturing and opportunities to serve others, we strive to create an environment where our students flourish in body, mind and spirit. Within this framework, PLCS students consistently test in the top 10% of their grade level peers. Our dedicated staff comes to school every day inspired to help your child grow further into who God designed them to be. Come and see how a "cord of three strands is not quickly broken," and how your child will grow within the Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School family!

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About Lutheran Schools

Why Choose a Lutheran School?

Lutheran schools are well thought out, and they work! With decades of experience, Lutheran schools produce students dedicated to God and academic excellence.

Historically Lutheran

Martin Luther, himself, focused his attention on the lower levels of educating children. He emphasized educating children and assigned this responsibility to their parents, the church, and even public authorities. Luther supported instruction in one’s own native language for both boys and girls. He directed the curriculum toward religion and music in the hopes of producing well rounded students.

Lutheran Schools Today

Today Lutheran schools at all levels depend on dedicated, committed, and the sacrificial commitment of tens of thousands of personnel. These individuals give top priority to the cause of educating children and their families. This group includes pastors, principals, parishioners, directors, teachers, aides, and parents. These unsung heroes are heeding their Christian duty and calling by loving and caring for children.

Mission Statement

Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School seeks to serve with church and home in developing the whole child—body, mind, and spirit.


Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School (PLCS) is an outreach of Pilgrim Lutheran Church. All education at PLCS reflects its position to God, who is the center of all life. We believe that it is fundamental for PLCS to stand upon Christ the Solid Rock. Because of this, our school is the ideal setting to teach the objective truths of God's Word and provide opportunity to experience Christian living on a daily basis.

We believe our Christian school community can and does equip students for this life and our eternal life. Within our school community, each student is encouraged and taught how to become productive, contributing members of the Church and ever present changing society at large.


Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School is accredited by both AdvancED and National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA).  These accreditation's have been continuously in force since 1996.

Accreditation is a process where a school measures itself against a rigorous set of standards that addresses all areas of a school--vision, mission, relationships, leadership, personnel, curriculum, instruction, student services, health & safety, facilities, and finance.  Once a school completes a self-evaluation, the information gathered is then used to set goals for school improvement, often called a school improvement plan (SIP).  Next, a team of educators will visit the school to verify whether the school's self-evaluation was accurate and whether the school's improvement plan addresses the identified needs.

The accreditation process is designed to help great schools become even better.  The benefit is that students are able to learn in the best possible educational environment.  The result is academic excellence and high student performance.


Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School makes every effort to be a good steward of its financial resources. Tuition and fees make up 90-95% of the annual budget. The remaining 5-10% reflects income through our school auction and individual donations. The average cost for the education of a full-time student at Pilgrim is roughly 60-70% the cost of what most public schools spend. Even with that being the case, school-wide student academic performance ranks Pilgrim in the top 8% of schools in the nation!

Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School Foundation

PRESS RELEASE: Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School Foundation Established To Help Families With Tuition Assistance.

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School Foundation. In support of Pilgrim’s mission and the Great Commission, the purpose of this endowment fund is to provide a permanent funding source of student tuition assistance at Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School in Beaverton, Oregon.

The endowment fund consists of a balanced and highly-diversified portfolio of stock and bond mutual funds through Thrivent Funds and the InFaith Community Foundation. The initial $58,000 funding of the foundation came from various gifts through designated individual, estate, and corporate matching gifts. The goal is to grow the fund annually through additional gifts and investment returns, and to distribute approximately 4% of the fund balance to the school each year to use for families needing tuition assistance.

The Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School Foundation can accept gifts of cash, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate. Our hope is that people will consider the foundation for gifts they wish to make that exceed their regular church tithe and annual contributions to the Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School auction. We also ask that people consider remembering the foundation in their will or estate plan.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss making a foundation gift, please contact the school office or one of the foundation board members: Doug Hilken-President, Mike Lawyer-Vice President, Anita Swartout-Treasurer, Chris Herold-Secretary, or Melissa Ueeck. 

Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School Foundation
Board of Directors

to Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School Foundation


Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School was started as an outreach ministry by church members who saw the need for a Christian grade school in the Beaverton area.  The first step was a Kindergarten program in 1965.  The elementary school was added in the fall of 1981.  The school started with twenty students in grades 1-4, two teachers, and a principal.

In the years since, Pilgrim has been blessed with continued growth to nearly two hundred students.  A preschool program and self-contained classrooms through eighth grade have been added as there has been need.

In 2001, a major building project was completed that replaced temporary buildings.  The new facility features seven additional classrooms, a library/computer lab, gymnasium, stage, kitchen, and cafeteria.  It is a great place to learn!

With all the change, Pilgrim Lutheran Christian School has consistently provided students with a comprehensive curriculum in a caring, Christ-centered community.  Pilgrim actively prepares students to be compassionate, responsible adults.


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