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  • Preschool - 8th Grade
  • Christ-Centered Community
  • Inspired Instruction
  • Small Class Sizes
  • High Test Scores
  • 15+ Extracurricular Activities
  • Before & After School Care
  • Financial Assistance

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Upcoming Dates

Apr. 9-13th - Achievement Testing

Apr. 14th - Anchors Aweigh Auction @ 5:30 PM

Apr. 30th - May 4th - Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

May 7th - 11th - Outdoor School (6th Grade)

May 17-18th - OMSI Overnight (5th Grade)

May 24th - Spring Concert (5th-8th Grade Choir & Handbells)

May 28th - NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day

May 31st - Spring Musical (1st-4th Grade); Open House

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Message from the Principal


That’s what I’m seeing as I look around our school. I find I’m asking myself, “Why so many smiles? What’s going on here? Do they know something I don’t?” If I let my suspicious nature continue, I wonder, “Are the teachers giving them enough to do? Maybe school’s too easy. I mean, after all, being so happy at school – isn’t school, by tradition, supposed to be a place children don’t like because it takes away their freedom and forces them to work?

But, if I allow myself to think long enough (which I often don’t), another idea begins to form, one that is much less vindictive and much more mature. The children are smiling because they’re happy! They do like their surroundings and they do like their teachers. But it goes much deeper than that. Whether they are fully conscious of it or not, they are smiling because they know Jesus loves them - they have God’s love in their hearts! Some of our children began this school year with this knowledge already well-ingrained. Others are in the process of learning it with the Holy Spirit’s help. But all are experiencing it every day at school and that does make a difference. No wonder they’re smiling!

There is one thing that bothers me about this: God’s love shines in the adult’s heart, too! I so often see us grown-ups (myself included) walking around sullen-faced or frowning, like we have the world’s worries on our shoulders. Yet, we know Jesus loves us just as much as He does our children. So, parents, teachers, staff – let’s take a lesson from our children and SMILE, SMILE, SMILE! You’re God’s children, too!

J. Riedl